What makes it different from standard gas tracking schemes?


Green Gas Trading’s  (GGT) scheme certifies grid injected biomethane, but also gas which is liquefied or compressed for use as a transport fuel.

Compatibility with European Schemes

The BMCS has been designed to be compliant with the European Energy Certification Scheme (“EECS”) standard, which is administered by the Association of Issuing Bodies (“AIB”). Whilst there is no formal standardisation for biomethane certification in Europe, we believe that the standard that will emerge will closely follow the existing standard for green electricity. The BMCS certifies all the data that is required for this standard and its registry is provided by the largest provider of EECS certificates in Europe, Grexel.


GGT’s core belief (and indeed why the scheme was set up) is that the producer of the biomethane should be the beneficiary of any incremental “green” value for their ultra low carbon product.  GGT also believes that the biomethane producer should not be put in the position that they become a price taker when monetising the value of their gas; divorcing the commodity ray ban outlet product (methane) from the Biomethane Certificate allows the producer to be a price setter rather than taker.