How does it work for biomethane producers?

What are BMCs?

Biomethane Certificates are issued to biomethane producers who inject gas into the natural gas grid or liquefy or compress it as a transport fuel.  The BMC provides the biomethane industry with a means of certifying and trading the “green” or “bio” value of biomethane. The certificates are denominated in 1Mwh certificates, which are calculated from the gas flowed, net of any CV enhancement.

How do BMCs get issued?

Biomethane producers sign up to the scheme to receive the certification of their gas production that enters the grid or is liquefied or compressed as a transport fuel. This production is on the same basis as the RHI in that it is based upon the gas flowed, net of any Calorific Value (“CV”) enhancement of propane which is required (if applicable) in order to bring the CV of the biomethane up to the applicable grid minimum. Thus the energy value on a Biomethane Certificate is 100% “green”.

Once the producer has produced gas which is eligible to be certificated, GGT will allocate BMCs in the producer’s account in the registry which represents the gas which has been produced.
The BMCS has been designed to be compliant with the standards and rules of the European Energy Certification Scheme (“EECS”), thus the certificates are denominated in their energy value rather than as a volume of gas. This, in conjunction with a registry which is fully integrated with the other European energy registries, means that as Biomethane Certification standards solidify in Europe, the BMCS should be deliverable and interoperable with other European biomethane schemes

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How does cancellation work?

When a gas consumer buys a biomethane certificate to decarbonise their gas supply the BMC is cancelled.  The live certificate is “notified” to the registry and a cancellation certificate is issued to the end user to replace it. This certificate cannot be further traded, and will specify the end user and a cancellation date. This End User Certificate may be used to evidence biomethane use by an entity for carbon reporting or statutory compliance purposes.

How do I verify my certificate as genuine?

You can check the validity of your certificate at by clicking the “verify my certificate” tab on this website. This will allow you to enter the certificate control number from your certificate, which will query the registry and return a positive or negative validation.